debbie Lost 15kg in 8 Months!

When Debbie saw that her weighing scale tipped over 80kg, she knew it was time to take action and get in shape. She embarked on her own fat loss journey but ran into a plateau at the 68kg mark. 

She knew she needed professional guidance to achieve her next breakthrough and decided to engage Benny as a coach after trying out multiple other gyms and trainers.

Upon their first meeting, Benny knew this girl was an achiever and would go above and beyond to reach her fat loss goal, but her unwavering determination was also a double edged sword. Without a fundamental understanding in movement, her hard and furious training style was setting herself up for injuries unknowingly.

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We first worked with her on mastering proper exercise form so that she can train safely. Then we restructured her training program for maximum effectiveness while getting her to stay in a caloric deficit. 8 months later, her weight dropped from 68kg to 53kg and she has been maintaining her weight for 2 years and still counting!

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