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“What I like about SURGE is the personal touch. There are specific goals to meet, and they are reachable and reasonable goals to keep me in check.”

"It doesn't get easier. You just get stronger. My goal was never a specific number on the scale or a body fat percentage. I just want to be able to do one pull up but I achieved so much more than I expected.”

“It’s so important to have someone to hold you accountable. It helped me build a habit of training hard and not go too crazy on the weekend. I know I’ll be in a whirlwind of trouble if I go into the gym on a Monday morning after a ‘naughty’ weekend. But Jacq managed to do this in an encouraging way, which I truly appreciate."

“With SURGE'S mentoring, I have gone from 86 to 67 kilos and built sustainable lifestyle practices to maintain wellness, all these through an extremely demanding job, chaotic travel schedule, and a growing family.”