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SINGAPore Personal Trainers Helping Over 30's Transform Their Bodies, Lose Weight and Get Fitter FASTER

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Why You Should Choose us For Your Transformation

Highly Personalized & Results Driven

Your goal is our mission. Whether your aim is to look, feel or perform better, we'll help you get to where you want to be with a relentless focus on results.

Professional Guidance With Accountability

Your transformation journey need not be a lonely one. Our highly experienced trainers understand your struggles and know exactly what you need to succeed.

Results That Last A Lifetime

A successful transformation is awesome, but not when you can't sustain it! We're committed to help you create a fitness lifestyle - not just an exercise and diet program.

Your Transformation Journey With SURGE



First we'll have a pre-training review to understand your history, current circumstances and what you're trying to achieve before tailoring your personal training program.



Next we break down your transformation journey into clear, realistic milestones while helping you build habits that supports a new fit lifestyle of proper nutrition and activity.



As you progress, we'll work alongside you to provide ongoing feedback, celebrate your small wins and make constant adjustment to your routines to better cater to your evolving lifestyle.



You achieved your goals! More importantly you have also gained the ability to ease new healthy habits into your daily life, making you fully capable of maintaing a sustainable and enjoyable fit lifestyle!

Success Stories From Our Inspiring Clients


27kg lighter and a lasting body transformation for more than 2 years

“When Debbie saw that her scale tipped over 80kg, she knew it was time to take action and get in shape. In partnership with her trainer, she dropped her weight to 53kg and maintained transformation for 2 years and still counting!”

TERENCE TAN 28 - General Manager

I managed to achieve the fitness goals that I have been unable to fulfil for many years

“Motivated to get into the best shape for his wedding, Terence shredded an astounding 10kg and reduced body fat from 23% to 12%. This ultra fit groom also built his pull-ups from 0 to 10 reps and push-ups from 10 to 50 reps!”

TIM YOUNG 58 - VP Marketing of Data Robot

Impressed by SURGE's broader lifestyle solution, which included diet management

“Losing an incredible 16.6kg and 18.9% body fat in 14 weeks has been utterly life changing for Tim. Now, he is confident and happy again after years of being overweight which left him feeling ashamed to look into the mirror.”


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How SURGE Can Help You Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life And Sustain It:

Have you ever had a strong desire to change your body, set out to eat healthy, sign up for gym, drink 3 litres of water a day, sleep 8 hours a day but ended up losing interest after a few weeks, gradually letting your goals fade away and eventually giving up entirely?

First, we want to let you know that it is NOT your fault. We humans are hardwired to naturally resist change. In order to override your body's desire to stay put, you have to train your brain to take clear, definitive action that will translate into routine behaviours.

Benefits of working with SURGE:

At SURGE, we focus on helping our clients form healthy habits that help support a lasting body transformation.

  • Increased Body Confidence, Fitness and Energy Levels.
  • Short Effective Personal Training sessions designed to burn belly fat and get you in the best shape of your life no matter your fitness level.
  • Access to our team of personal trainer and fitness coaches fully committed to YOU and Your Results.
  • Become a healthier happier version of YOU by learning to live a healthier lifestyle and build new lifelong healthy fitness and nutrition habits.
  • A proven weight loss system GUARANTEED to help you achieve a LIFE CHANGING body transformation.
  • Our expert fitness coaches are here to guide, support and keep you motivated you at each stage of your transformation.

Our dedicated trainers are here to support you in every part of your fat loss journey be it in the gym or outside of the gym.

If you're not sure of what to order at a restaurant, we'll ask you to send us the menu for advice.

If you struggle with keeping your hands off that jar of cookies, we'll sit down with you and see how we can tackle that impulse the next time it arises.

If you worry that you'll slack off from training when travelling, we'll help you customise a travel-friendly training program or suggest other activities to keep you active.

If you feel tempted to derail from healthy eating when dining out, we'll give you suggestions on how to attain a balance between enjoying a social life while staying on course of your transformation.

More than just helping you lose fat, we want to help you build a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle where you will feel your best and perform your best in all aspects of life, for life.

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