With An Astonishing 19kg Weight Loss, Mike Is Now Fitter and Leaner Than His College Days!

Getting down from 35% to 13% body fat seems like a far fetched goal to attain but Mike is one incredible person who achieved the seemingly impossible.

Before starting with SURGE, Mike had struggled with keeping his weight from piling up due to a lifestyle swung between long working hours and frequent wining & dining. He knew he was in a bad shape and needed to make some big changes.

Mike’s motivation is clear: He wanted to get back to his college shape in the most effective and sustainable way possible. He made the move to start a results-focused body transformation program with SURGE that turned out to be one of his best decision in life.

“With SURGE'S mentoring, I have gone from 86 to 67 kilos and built sustainable lifestyle practices to maintain wellness, all these through an extremely demanding job, chaotic travel schedule, and a growing family.”

Mike Yoon

At the start of the program, Mike spent weeks pushing himself hard on the gym floor. Combining his perseverance along with SURGE’s professional guidance, we easily shed off 10kg from his initial weight of 86.5kg within 12 weeks.

Although we felt that losing another 8 to 10kg will give Mike an ideal body structure, we were concerned that pushing through the transformation may not be sustainable for his lifestyle, considering his work stress, personal life and other factors. Eventually, we decided to just focus on building up strength for the time being.

Mike’s story doesn’t end here though! Along the way, he met the love of his life, married her and welcomed their first baby.

Stepping into a new life phase motivated Mike to make another positive change and we decided it was finally time to lose that last few kilograms.

Together, we embarked on a journey to lose 12kg with a goal weight of 67kg by 12 Oct 2020.

When designing the nutritional plan, we took note to allow room for some enjoyable meals and drinks so that this lifestyle is sustainable. We also incorporated both heavy and light workout sessions for optimal results and adequate recovery.

This time round, Mike completely nailed his compliance and he reached 67.06kg with 13% body fat on the target date! Impressively, his blood work also shows significant improvement in the cholesterol levels.

At the time of writing, it is now 9 months after the transformation and Mike managed to keep his weight fully stable while retaining the same body fat.

At the age of 49, we are proud to say Mike is now his most fabulous self - leaner, fitter and stronger than his college days.

“For personal training, nutritional guidance, and sustainable wellness, SURGE combines extraordinary experience, deep knowledge, and a personable approach to fitness. I highly recommend SURGE, and can't imagine continuing this journey without them.”

Mike Yoon

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