trevor smashed his fitness goals!

As a CEO and loving father, Trevor was the epitome of success. The only thing not aligned to his amazing life and career was his fitness and energy levels.

Trevor’s busy executive lifestyle led to bad eating habits and took a toll on his health. He constantly felt lethargic and it was affecting both his personal and professional life.

“After 15 years of no exercise I was overweight and bloated. It hit me that my 3 young kids were growing up and getting faster, while I was slowing down. I started my journey with Surge to change this.”

His journey with SURGE helped him forge a physique that surpassed even his wildest expectations. “My goal last year was to increase strength and decrease body fat to single digits, a level I hadn’t had since my teenage years. I hit 8.2% (down from 14%)!”

"Stop whinging. Just get on with it"


Now a super-fit dad who finally has the energy to keep up with his exceptionally active 8-year old son, Trevor finds himself in a very satisfying position in life. He is back in great shape, feels his best and can't wait to jump out of bed every morning to conquer the world.

If you don’t know where to start your fitness journey, it’s time to take charge of your own destiny and see what YOU can achieve from YOUR transformation.

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